Remembrance Day 2017

St Margaret’s School was again invited to play a role in the annual RSL Remembrance Day Service held at The Springvale War Memorial. The school has been participating in this event for the past 10 years and has built up a very positive reputation with the event’s chief convenor Mr. Mal Carson. The 2018 School Captains represented St Margaret’s in the official ceremony, with Jayarupi Pahala Vithana providing a brief history of the Victory Emblem – a famous poem written by Miss Moina Michael in response to In Flanders Fields. Jayarupi then read the poem – pausing deftly for an RAAF fly-over – before she and Julia Bourke laid a war history book during the wreath laying part of the ceremony. At the conclusion of the service the girls were presented with a book for the school library by Mr Warren Sapir and Mr Ed Bartosh (President and Secretary) of the American Ex-Servicemen’s Association, both of whom had been impressed with the participation of our Captains and the support provided by three other students: Jemmah Nathanielsz, Kathleen Robinson and Beem Johnstone.

Special thanks go to the parents of the girls for attending and supporting the Service and to Mrs Nicola Farmer for sourcing a book for the wreath laying ceremony and for officially thanking the American Ex-Servicemen’s Association for their gift on behalf of the school.

Mr Stewart Cameron
Year 11 Coordinator