River Journey Camp

On Monday 30 April, the Year 9 SMS cohort set out on their River Journey. Girls were divided into four groups and each team was presented with challenges along the way including self-catering, budgeting, and control and responsibility over their transport options, all of which required the skills of teamwork resilience and organisation. After a group planning session at school, teams set out towards the first night’s camping location at Warburton. Throughout the week, groups cycled, canoed, hiked and camped, following the Yarra River towards Melbourne.  On the final night, groups camped at the Collingwood Children’s farm and took the opportunity to have dinner at Lentil as anything, a not for profit restaurant run by volunteers that allows those who cannot afford a meal access to good quality food. Patrons pay as they feel or what they can and girls were challenged from a community service perspective. The final day involved paddling into the city and landing at the Southbank boat sheds, a spectacular end to an exhausting, yet enjoyable week.

Mr David Bennett
Year 9 Coordinator