Road Safety Awareness – Year 10, 11 and 12

Here at Berwick Grammar School we take road safety awareness very seriously, running a sequential road safety program across Year 10, 11 and 12.

We encourage our young men and the wider school community to be safe road users – whether as Learner drivers, passengers, bike riders or pedestrians.

At Year 10, we have embraced the Road Smart program which is aimed at keeping beginner drivers safer on the roads. This two part program involves an in-class experience and in-car (off road) experience. Last week, a class session was in essence all about choices – every one of our choices makes the roads safer or less safe.

Boys looked at:

  1. Safer speeds: the faster you are going the worse a crash will be – slow down!
  2. Safer vehicles: choose the safest car you can;
  3. Safer people: take a staged approach to learning;
  4. Safer roads: choose the safest roads you can.

The boys were challenged to concentrate on the everyday task of counting to three – whilst all deemed easy to start with once a new element to counting was added all students recognised and experienced how much harder they had to concentrate to be successful. Our presenter reflected this is like learning to drive.

The students found the session valuable and really enjoyed the interactive nature of the program.

Next stop is the off road ‘in car’ session where boys get to spend 20 minutes with a driving instructor at an off road facility!

Ms Jodie McCarthy
Careers Practitioner