Road Smart – METEC Driver Education

The Year 10 students of Berwick Grammar school thoroughly enjoyed the second part to the Road Smart Driver Education program held in Bayswater, which was designed to build on the existing road knowledge, skills and behaviours.

Learning to drive on an enclosed road allowed me to develop confidence which will help me when I get my L plates’ – Max

This was overall a good experience for the boys that haven’t driven before, it was a good opportunity for them to get some experience before they get out on the real roads. The facilities were amazing’ –Cooper

‘I thought that the driving lesson was fun and an engaging experience, I was comfortable and confident. I had a great time not hitting potholes!’ – Angus

The Vic Roads driving course provided the Year 10’s with the introduction to driving. These skills learnt were turning, stopping, starting and switching lanes’ – Dylan

The program consisted of half boys on the off road setting with a driving instructor, whilst the other half participated in discussions around ‘crash risk situations’. They created role-plays based on the scenarios they were given and students then acted out their role-play. The remaining members of the group discussed the risks they noticed and came up with solutions on how the Learner driver could handle the situation.  After an hour, the groups swapped groups, allowing all the students to have a behind the wheel experience!

The boys took many experiences away from the Road Smart program which will be invaluable as they spend more time on the roads as Learner drivers, as passengers and as pedestrians.