Robotics and Coding Club

The Robotics and Coding Club is making great progress this term, under the direction of Robotics Captain Trent Mitchell, assisted by Enrichment Captain Kaelan Dekker.

The boys have been learning how to program EV3s with pseudocode, allowing them to perform basic functions; such as operating a sensor to detect and follow a coloured line. The tasks that they learn will become increasingly complex as the year progresses. The boys are preparing for the Lego Mindstorms competition, where they will learn to program these robots to rescue a drowning victim (represented by a silver-foil covered can) from rescue courses of varying levels of difficulty.

This exercise requires a high degree of critical thinking and problem solving, while requiring a lot of patience, as students become comfortable learning from errors they make during the planning process.

We thank Trent for all of the hard work that he has put into planning and delivering this very valuable program to his peers, and look forward to seeing all that the club can accomplish in the near future.

Mr Sean Pieper
My Summit Co-Cultural Coordinator