The Berwick Grammar School Coding and Robotics Club has relaunched for Term 4 and has made some impressive progress so far. The facilitators, Trent Mitchell of Year 9 and Kaelan Dekker of Year 11, are commended on the great leadership and initiative they have displayed in the planning and delivery of this praiseworthy student-led initiative.

Under their guidance, the boys have learned how to program an Arduino to respond to direct input from a user, in the form of sensing buttons that respond to touch. They are also now proficient in coding to a degree where they can input source code to spell words of their choice on a display panel. Over the next few lessons, these skills will be further applied into practical applications, such as operating a motor or designing a clone of the original mobile game ‘snake.’

With a firm grasp of the basics in their digital toolkits, the future of the club looks brighter than a flashing LED screen.