Rock and Water – Focus

Our Year 7 students are undertaking the Rock and Water program with Mr Ruzzier throughout Term 3.

Our most recent Rock and Water session centered around the idea of focus.

As usual, each session began by taking off our shoes and socks, ensuring that we are GROUNDED, CENTRED and FOCUSED.

Mr Ruzzier reminded the boys of the rock and water salute. We use Rock when we need to be hard and strong, at times perhaps when something is worth fighting for.  We use water, symbolized by the open palm, when we need to be fluid and accepting.  It also reminds us to accept others – regardless of difference.  We need both these elements to our personalities.

Mr Ruzzier asked the boys to share any rock and water moments from the last fortnight, and it was pleasing to see so many be able to articulate using water in situations where they could let small annoyances pass.

Then, Mr Ruzzier explained the importance of FOCUS, especially in a world in which it is so easy to become distracted!  The boys worked in pairs to attempt to break each other’s focus and found it quite hard to maintain a straight face.  Then, they each walked through what looked like a guard of honour, but was really a guard of distraction.  Ashton, pictured here, is an aspiring member of the armed forces, and used this to assist him to remain focused while the rest of his classmates did their best to distract him.

Mr Ruzzier gave the boys some good tips for focus, including the simple trick of taking a deep breath.

At the end of the session the boys reflected on focus and unpacked how the activities made them feel today, and how it related to their real lives.  Many of the boys were very candid and honest during these discussions.

Ms Lauren Cook
Head of Senior Boys, Wellbeing