RU OK Day Makes Checking in On Your Mates The Focus

Congratulations to the Student Wellbeing Team, and especially Trent Mitchell, for running a brilliant day of activities for RU OK Day on Thursday 12 September.

The boys were invited to wear yellow, the signature colour of the day, and donate a gold coin, which would be used to purchase yellow RU OK Day bean bags for each House area, so that the message of checking in on your mates stays in our kinds throughout the year.

At Assembly both Dr Middleton and next year’s SRC Captain Kurt Caddy spoke about how important it was to ask the question – and genuinely be there to listen. They also encouraged boys to feel comfortable to speak up when not ok – because it really is ok not to be okay.

At lunchtime, Forsyth House – our yellow House – got into the spirit of things with a yellow themed lunch which boys also donated gold coins to. On the menu was margarita pizzas (homemade!) banana lollies, yellow apples and yellow donuts.  The boys made half the proceeds of the day with this endeavour, and also paid off the costs of the lunch and the purchase of the pizza maker that will now be able to be used at future lunches and fundraisers.

The fundraising goal was $180, and the school far surpassed this. As a staff member, I could not be prouder of their efforts and of their genuine desire to mark this important day which fits in well with our ethos of Growing Good Men.

Ms Lauren Cook
Head of Senior Boys, Wellbeing