School Captain Voice

Recently, Oliver and Navaal were asked to discuss their goals as school captains in 2020.  This was their answer:

“School captaincy is a finite opportunity – thus, the question is: how to extend beyond finite? That’s the question that we aim to tackle as Captains at Berwick Grammar School this year, In order to extend beyond finite, we need the change not only coming from us, but also to inspire those around us. We aim to achieve this by broadening the leadership platform with our focus on ‘visible leadership’. This encapsulates the ideas of leading without a badge and being a community-minded student – one who believes they have the capacity to make a difference and engage all others. This will be our constant message in assemblies, and focus groups with students, formally and informally – even just chatting in the school yard.

We believe that with a little bit of grit and passion, we can achieve this aim. We may not be able to change the world, but by focusing on developing one student at a time, we can propagate the message of being a visible leader: someone that volunteers, eliminates inequality and promotes global citizenship. We hope that this message creates a spark in other students, to go on and create a difference in their own corners of the world.”

Navaal Saeed and Oliver Ward
BGS School Captains