School Policies

At the start of the year I reminded the students of some important school rules which sometimes cause confusion. Below are extracts from the relevant policies.

Uniform Policy

When students are seen in public, they must be wearing full and correct uniform.

HATS – Summer hat is to be worn in Terms 1 and 4 when students are in the sun. Staff may request the hat be worn on school excursions or other school activities. PE cap MUST be worn during PE classes in term 1 and 4

SOCKSlong socks must be worn with winter uniform (or blue tights). In summer, socks can be short (above the ankle) or long. They must be plain white not anklet or sport socks

MAKEUP – must not be worn to school

HAIR – neat and tidy haircuts. All hair must be tied back at all times if longer than shoulder length. No outlandish styles or unnatural colours permitted

NAILPOLISH – clear nailpolish only. No false nails allowed.

EARRINGS – one pair of earrings only to be worn in the lobe of the ear. Sleepers or small studs (5 mm). Studs may be plain silver, gold, diamonds or white pearls. Any other visible piercing must be removed while in school uniform.

BLAZERS – must be worn as the outer garment to and from school. On hot days permission will be granted to remove blazers. They must be taken home each evening to be worn to school in the morning.

PE UNIFORM – Full school uniform must be worn to and from school every day. The only exceptions are;
1)      when sport training occurs before school. Students can wear training clothes to school then change into uniform before period 1
2)       when GSV away games are scheduled. Students can change into PE uniform at the end of lunch and wear PE uniform home after their match.


Anti-bullying, Harassment and Violence Policy

The acceptable use of mobile phones at school is covered in the Anti-bullying, Harassment and Violence Policy. The extract below outlines the rules;

Digital technologies

St Margaret’s and Berwick Grammar School expects students to display courtesy, consideration and respect for others whenever they are using personal technology devices.

The school acknowledges the important role that mobile phones play in providing parents and students with a means of communication, especially when students are commuting to and from school. However, the school is also mindful of the potential disruption to learning and harm to others inappropriate mobile or other digital devices can cause.

To further consolidate our Child Safe Policy, and create a safe school environment, students are, therefore, required to ensure all mobile phones and digital devices are not seen or heard while in lessons, during recess or lunchtime or during any school related activities. Students may be given permission to use their mobile phone or digital device in accordance with teacher directions relating to school work and school related activities.

Should students be found to breach the expectations outlined, mobile phones or digital devices will be confiscated. Mobile phones or digital devices may be collected from Student Office (SMS) or Reception (BGS) at the conclusion of the school day. The school accepts no responsibility for the loss of, or damage to mobile phones or digital devices.

The consequence for a repeated breach of the ‘not seen or heard’ expectation is the requirement that the mobile phone is handed into Student Office at the beginning of the day and collected at the end of the day. It will be a requirement that the device be handed in daily for a week on the second breach, for a month on the third breach and for a term on the fourth breach.

Devices must not be used in any way that is deemed to be a breach of a person’s privacy or be of a bullying nature. The school reserves the right to intervene in any digital device matter that is school related, identifies or implicates the school in any way, and/or any member of the school community.