Science Week 14 – 18 August

The theme for 2017 National Science Week was Future Earth, which encapsulated all that is important for the future of the planet.  In response BGS science teachers and the environment team planned a week of activities focusing on a more sustainable future.

We had a guest speaker from Envirocom, Ms Hannah Matthews-Prosser who spoke at assembly about the importance of rethinking our reliance on single use plastics. The message being, to seek alternatives before just buying items and sending them to landfill.  Ben Scarborough and Jack Murray gave us a rap that also made us think about our choices and the impact they have on the planet.

On Tuesday, we tried nude food for a day with many boys choosing to refuse single use plastics in their lunches and some of our staff headed to Cameo Cinemas to view Al Gore’s latest documentary An Inconvenient Truth 2 – Truth to Power.  This was a highly thought provoking documentary which we all recommend.  On Wednesday boys viewed ABC’s documentary War on Waste 1 where many boys were surprised by the impact of industry standards on food waste.  Thursday saw the planting of a hedge between the senior building and DT.  Science Week wrapped up with a BBQ on Friday to raise funds for the Kitchen Garden.

We also ran a variety of competitions during the week, the most successful being the Education Perfect Science Championships. Our winner for the week was Ned Matin who answered over 3000 questions in one week.  Aryan Bhurjhee submitted a great art piece on the theme Future Earth.  It was a fantastic week and we hope that many of the messages will transform into sustainable practices for our whole community.

Ms Delanie Lewis