Senior Production – The Boy and The Spy

The 2019 Senior School ‘The Boy and the Spy’ proved to be an exciting experience. This was the first year that the Senior School production has been performed at Berwick Grammar School. It was a rewarding challenge to convert the BGS Performance Centre into a theatre.

Throughout the production we worked with author Felice Arena.  Felice supported us as we added characters, music and scenes.  He attended rehearsals and gave us a deeper understanding of the story.

The cast faced a number of challenges including accents and navigating a stage shape that was unfamiliar and, at times, daunting.

However, the students worked together as a true theatrical ensemble.  Supporting and encouraging each other throughout the three sold out performances. They sustained a consistency across each performance just like a professional theatrical company.

Like the actors onstage, the backstage crew was a mixture of students from both SMS and BGS. ‘The Boy and the Spy’ has 27 different scenes so the backstage crew worked hard to make sure the audience could see and understand the changes in time and place. Equally the backstage crew are responsible for the lights, sound and visuals.

The cast and crew would like to thank the staff and parents who helped to make this unique theatrical experience such a success.

Ms Judy Taylor
Learning Leader of Arts