SIS Book In A Day

The SIS Book in a Day competition was held at St Francis Xavier College (Officer Campus) on 13 August.

This event requires a group of eight students working collaboratively to draft, write, edit, illustrate and publish a complete novella.

The team worked particularly well together, with strong leadership shown by our appointed ‘Editor-in-Chief,’ Miller Marks-Boulton. Miller helped to edit the work, ensuring that students were able to reconcile their own unique writing styles in order to produce an extended narrative, while maintaining consistent tense, perspective, tone, setting and characters.

The team divided responsibilities evenly between all members, while contributing their own unique ideas to shape the novella.

Yiorgos Milas and Riley Hawke were invited to be the group’s specialist artists and were responsible for designing front and back cover images, as well as other supporting illustrations throughout the text.

Mr Sean Pieper
mySummit Co-Curricular Enrichment Co-Ordinator