SIS Teen Chef

On 7 August, Berwick Grammar School were incredibly proud to have four of our students awarded silver medals for coming 2nd out of 10 participating schools in the SIS Teen Chef Competition.

Congratulations to Max McCahy and Dylan Wijayakoon (our desserts team), as well as Connor Beck and Imran Sadiqzai (our mains team).  The boys had to cook something fitting with the theme ‘East meets West,’ producing ‘Mac and Cheese Tikka Masala’ as well as ‘Golden Syrup Dumplings with Matcha Whipped Cream’.

The boys worked well as a team and gave up significant time in preparing themselves for this competition. Max McCahy is to be particularly commended on the strong leadership he showed in the leadup to this event, helping to organise the teams and ensuring they communicated effectively between themselves. It was impressive to see the boys incorporate some sophisticated techniques into the preparation, cooking and plating of their meals.

The chefs from the Australian Culinary Foundation were particularly impressed with the highly unconventional and yet somehow delicious ‘Mac and Cheese Tikka Masala’ produced by the mains team. The dessert team also did incredibly well, up until their whipped cream dramatically melted before hitting the judges table. Despite an unseemly appearance, they served what was otherwise a solid dessert.

Well done to all involved, and we look forward to seeing if next year’s teams can improve upon these fantastic efforts. Great job, boys.

Mr Sean Pieper
Extra-Curricular Enrichment Coordinator