Social Service

As the 2018 Social Service Captain I would like to begin by acknowledging the inspirational contribution by the St Margaret’s community. Along with my extremely helpful coordinator Mrs Sarah Pay, committed Year 12 team consisting of Sungkavi Achuthananthan, Sajah Agha and Senara Hettige and the energised support of the year level representatives I can confidently say that we have certainly embraced our 2018 theme of ‘Start Somewhere Save Someone’.

As a collective, great enthusiasm gathered throughout the school to raise money and promote awareness of reputable organisations in need. Several successful Bake sales and Free Dress days have taken place with profits being donated to: Zoe Foundation, Supporting our Aussie Farmers and The Flooding in India. Combined House Social Service events saw the whole school coming together to collectively raise money and gather donations for Water Underground and The Pencil community respectively. Enthusiastic groups of students ventured into our local community to tin rattle for The Salvation Army and Red Cross. One of our great achievements was to gather household items for donation to our Aussie Farmers. The energy and enthusiasm rippled through the school with a 48 hour scavenger hunt. Congratulations to both the Year 7 and Year 10 levels for gathering the most items and winning a Pizza lunch. It was also inspiring and uplifting to read the many hand written notes that student included in their donation boxes. In the coming weeks we have an exciting initiative from our Year 10 representatives who will be selling Bandannas for CanTeen and the Year 7 level will be gathering donated items for the Berwick Benevolent Society.

Sethini Wickramasinghe
Year 12 student