Sports round-up

SMS has experienced success in a wide range of sports this year, winning pennants in GSV Softball, Tennis, Hockey, Cross Country, Volleyball and Athletics. The girls have won medals in Triathlon, Aerobics and most recently Cheerleading (a new program this year).

Aerobics is also a relatively new sport at St Margaret’s however the girls continue to excel in this competition. This year Ashlee Duhau and Tahlia Lane excelled and were invited to compete at the Aerobics Nationals on the Gold Coast where Ashlee won a bronze medal.

Other amazing individual achievements include State representative selections for Shae Jones in Hockey, Kiara Girotto in Soccer, Olivia Weston and Leah Macdonald in Cross Country as well as GSV representative selection for Olivia Weston in Cross Country, Rachel Bright in Soccer and Rebecca Bailey who was an emergency for Tennis.
Natasha Moody has been a Pierre de Coubertin recipient and Daizi Plumb recently competed at Equestrian Nationals in Adelaide becoming champion in 4 categories including champion U18 rider.

In cycling Sam Horton, Caitlin Lake, Susie Bates, Clare McCurdy, Alisa Johnson, Phoebe Thompson, Nicole McClary and Olivia Weston have all been medal winners at the various road cycling and mountain biking events.

As a school we were Division 3 Cross Country Champions including winning the senior age group and most recently at athletics championships we were an agonising second place despite managing to take out the intermediate and senior age group trophies as well as the population trophy, an indication of our strength and ability for our size as a school.

Twenty five St Margaret’s girls were selected to compete at the GSV athletics finals night where Olivia Weston won Silver in the 1500m, Elizabeth Day won silver in shot put and Chloe Bernard won bronze in shot put.

And finally, the Intermediate volleyball team won the A grade premiership at the GSV finals

It certainly is a great time to be involved in sport at SMS.

Mr David Bennett
Head of Sport