Human Powered Vehicles (HPV)

The SMBG Human Powered Vehicle teams have been hard at work preparing for the Energy Breakthrough at Maryborough being held later this week.

Their hard work is paying off with some recent wins and impressive lap times.


On 21st October at Casey Fields (8-hour race):

  • Juno – 1st in Senior Female category (Teleigha, Lauren, Audrey and Alanah)
  • Jupiter – 5th in Senior Open category (Cameron, Max, Heath, Lucas, Oliver)
  • Shooting Star – 7th in Junior Open category (Angus and Owen)

On 30th July at Casey Fields (6-hour race):

  • Jupiter – 1st in Open (Years 7-12) category (Sam T, Hugo, Oliver, Sam H, Cameron, Ovin)
  • Juno – 1st in Open Female (Years 7-12) category (Lauren, Audrey, Claire, Poppy, Brydie, Alanah and Teleigha)
  • Shooting Star – 2nd in Junior Open (Years 5/6) category (Shristi, Archana, Lucy, Owen, Angus, Anesha).
  • Ceto – 4th in Open (Years 7-12) category (Lucas, Max, Heath, Yonal, Hayden)

If you have an interest in being part of these teams in future events (or Maryborough) please contact Mr Lardner at the Officer Campus.