Staff Success with the International Boys School Coalition

One of the key planks of school improvement for this year is for us to engage more directly with the knowledge, resources and research provided to Berwick Grammar School through our collegial membership of the International Boys School Coalition. This organisation is the peak body for leading independent schools for boys on a global scale. Our vision at Berwick Grammar School is to be very recognised as a high performing school for boys and to become a valued member and contributor to best practice in educating our boys. To this end, I am delighted to inform our community that two of our exceptional educators, Mrs Helen McDonald and Ms Lauren Cook will take on leading roles with the IBSC this year.

Mrs McDonald will present her research at the annual IBSC Conference and work on the learning outcomes obtained through the 21C Project, detailed in the abstract below:

PROJECT 21C – students developing solutions to problems in the contemporary world

In a world where automation and globalisation is shifting the landscape of work particularly for men, it is time to rethink how schools are preparing boys for their futures. Project 21C is an attempt to engage boys in the middle school by providing leadership opportunities and allowing them freedom to collaborate to create solutions to contemporary issues in their local, national and global world.

Ms Cook will be involved as a team member of a Global Research Project which will investigate the many ways in which narratives and stories can be used to engage boys in the development of self-identity and esteem.

Ms Cook will conduct her research her with our boys and this will be presented at the IBSC Conference in Canada in 2019.

I would like to congratulate my colleagues in their successes. Recognition of your work and expertise on a global scale is rare indeed and the experiences and knowledge generated by Mrs McDonald and Ms Cook in the months to come will only continue to ensure that we Grow Good Men at Berwick Grammar School.