Storming to HPV Success

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of visiting the HPV team and larger community at the annual Energy Breakthrough event in Maryborough. Thankfully, the tempest of heat, dust and wind had passed but I was full of admiration for the endurance and positivity of the participants who had experienced everything from extreme heat to cold in the previous twenty four hours. The tents were still standing strong and so was the spirit of the wonderful teams I was able to witness present-a mix of incredible precision, humour and undeniable knowledge of their vehicle’s capacity was evident.

The passion of our young men and women was palpable as was the camaraderie and commitment of our staff and parents. This is a massive event and one which our School participates in with a true “one school” ethos evident as Junior School and Secondary students mix together and support each other with distinction. My thanks to Mr Lardner for his leadership in this area and for the staff Ms Hudson, Ms Petruccelli and Ms Cary for their wonderful work in supporting the boys and girls who comprised what was an extremely successful weekend.

Dr Steven Middleton
Vice Principal