Stringybark Lodge Gembrook

The Year 7 girls enjoyed three beautiful days of camp in Gembrook in early May. The weather was fine and the activities fun and inviting. Some groups were out on the trail, experiencing camping, backpacking, learning to set up a campsite, preparing food in the bush, mountain biking, caving and abseiling. Others were in the Lodge enjoying the flying fox, ropes, canoeing and initiatives. Unfortunately, several girls came down with an illness and from Wednesday night to Thursday morning, more than a dozen girls were ill. The decision was made to return to school a day early. Thank you all those involved with the camp: teachers, group leaders, students and parents. The girls who were ill showed particular courage and resilience and were appreciative of those caring for them. Sometimes difficult circumstances can bring out inner strengths. Year 7 Camp will be one to remember and the girls will share these stories in years to come.

Ms Emily Bermingham
Year 7 Coordinator