Student Design Exhibitions

In 2019, Visual Communication Design students at Berwick Grammar School completed a number of industry-based design projects for real-world clients. Year 10 students responded to two design briefs for Southern Independent Schools (SIS). James Gallie’s poster design was selected to promote the upcoming SIS event The Big Night to be held at The Drum Theatre on Tuesday 24 March.

Current Year 12 students Nathan McDonald and River Dixon worked collaboratively to develop and pitch a design concept for the 2020 Emergent Exhibition to be held at Bunjil Place from 29 February through to 15 March. Many aspects of their proposal will be incorporated into the upcoming exhibition. The boys have also been commissioned to build display plinths for the exhibition and will be interviewed for a film to showcase the design process that they undertook. Several works by Berwick Grammar and St Margaret’s students will also feature in the exhibition.

Mr Damien Bell
Art, Visual Communication and Media Teacher