Student Leadership Day

What do you think makes a good leader?

This is one of the key questions students explored at the second annual Student Leadership Day at Berwick Grammar School.  This is a wonderful opportunity for our newly appointed Year 12 Leaders to ponder the nature of leadership and the qualities they possess that enhance their leadership.

Dr Middleton started by discussing the examples of great leaders from history and also current life.  He also provided examples from his own leadership journey and discussed his current priorities for the school.

Ms Cook discussed the power of small actions to make connections with peers, and to set the proper example.  Much of leadership is simply how we conduct ourselves – she called this Leadership of Self.  We began working through some scenarios – including how to manage interpersonal conflicts between younger boys – a process that will continue in weekly leadership meetings next year.

Then all boys began discussing the areas in which they will work and their ideas for continuing to improve the school we all love so much.  It was wonderful to see the boys so earnest and engaged and so many great ideas – large and small to contribute to their community.