Take Time Out From Each Other

As our time in isolation grows closer to an end, strangely we might actually find ourselves more tense with members of our family, as we imagine being able to have our own space again.

We all love our family, but being around each other constantly can increase tensions. We can easily get sick of each other and the annoying, niggly things that your family do can really get on your nerves. The challenge is working out how you take time out from each other, when you’re stuck with each other. All family members will need a break from everyone else. Parents need time out from the kids, just as much as kids need time out from their parents and siblings.

Make sure you take time to do activities that recharge you.

  • If there is tension in the household, make it a point to spend time apart
  • Pick your battles, is it worth having an argument?
  • Parents could take it in turns to do the grocery shopping on their own, to enable a little bit of time on their own
  • Spend some time one-on-one with each of your children. This doesn’t have to be for an extensive amount of time, as long as it’s focussed time ie. No distractions (no phones), actively engaged in an activity/conversation together.
  • Physical activity often decreases tension and improves mood, so maybe you could go for a walk. Walking is also great as you don’t need to make eye contact, which has the bonus of conversation being easier, less confronting for reluctant talkers.
  • Once everyone has had time to recharge, work out how to spend time together that is enjoyable
  • Pick shared activities that are tension reducing: – walking, dancing, singing. Picking ideas that don’t involve competition/opinions and hopefully won’t begin an argument.

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Photo by Dominik Reiter