The Boy and The Spy – Senior Production

There is excitement murmuring from the actors and crew from St Margaret’s and Berwick Grammar School. The School play ‘’The Boy and The Spy’’ is in the last week of rehearsals. Ms Taylor, the Director, is fine-tuning the show and tweaking the Audio -Visual event for the Australian premiere.

The Berwick Grammar School Performance Centre has been transformed into a theatre. Mrs Schreurs has made the costumes, Mr Bennett has installed a 1200-Watt PA system with 40 sound effects and incidental music, Mr Neil has installed four trees of lights and numerous satellite lights and the Maintenance staff have installed the staging in the form of a traverse or cat-walk stage. The students are operating all the equipment and managing all elements of the back-stage.

All performances have been sold out a week in advance of opening night – showing just how hotly anticipated this production is.  If you have been lucky enough to get a ticket – you are no doubt in for a real treat!

Mr Peter Bennett
Teacher of Music and Drama