The Great Book Swap

The gentlemen of Berwick Grammar School are all readers, enjoying DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) each week. For us, books are a welcome and readily available escape and way to learn about the world – as Dr Middleton reminds us each week at assembly.

But what about the young people in remote communities that have little access to books?  And for children from indigenous backgrounds, with little access to books in their native languages?

One way to raise money and awareness of these issues is to hold a Great Book Swap.  Berwick Grammar School held this on Indigenous Literacy Day, 5 September.  A huge number of students and teachers brought in beloved but no longer needed books and donated a gold coin – or more – to swap their book for a new title brought in by another reader.  Each participant wrote inside the cover of their book to share what was special about it and who it might appeal to.  The result?  A happy group of readers with something new to read over the holidays, and a great start to our fundraising efforts for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

Ms Lauren Cook
Deputy Head of Berwick Grammar School