The School Decides….

“Great Leaders Don’t Set Out To Be Leaders… They Set Out To Make A Difference” – Jeremy Bravo

The leadership process for 2020 has begun at both St Margaret’s and Berwick Grammar School, and we congratulate all students who have shown the courage and the character – two of our school values – to put themselves and their ideas out into the community.

Last week the school voted on their two new School Captains for 2020.  There were eight outstanding candidates – each of whom spoke with great passion about their school at last week’s assembly, and their desire to play a key role in future directions.

After several days of voting in which the majority of the school participated, the two successful candidates were OLIVER WARD and NAVAAL SAEED.

Both in Richards House, Oliver and Navaal are amongst our top students academically and show wonderful leadership.

Oliver is heavily involved in our Enrichment program, especially debating and is entered the competition for the prestigious John Button Prize for essay writing this year.  He was also a finalist for the Plain English Speaking Awards, and is known for his compelling public speaking, often speaking at assembly without notes, in the style of Dr Middleton.

Navaal is this year’s Richards Vice Captain and has made a real impact to the vibrant culture of the House.  He also enjoys sporting pursuits, especially soccer and received Contribution to Sports Colours this year.

Congratulations to Oliver and Navaal – we look forward to hearing more about their vision for 2020 in the weeks to come.

Additionally, we are now seeking those other members of the student leadership team.  Currently the search for House Captains is underway, and the Year 12 Captain will shortly follow, as will the other portfolios.