Time and Space – Mothers and Sons

The Growing Good Men Project at Berwick Grammar School continues to gather momentum in the way we seek to develop emotional literacy in our young men. A vital element of this integrated approach to curriculum and future proofing our boys occurred under the auspices of Mr Bill Jennings of Time & Space last week.

Close to 40 mums and sons and many of our dedicated staff spent a joyous evening with each other, having genuine and authentic conversations about the topics that matter. Relationships are at the core of our humanity and giving appropriate time and space to strengthening the relationships that really matter, in this instance with our immediate loved ones is certainly a worthy pursuit.

May I extend a great deal of thanks to a range of folks for their commitment to ensuring the overwhelming success of this initiative. This includes the brave parents and boys who were the pioneers of this endeavour along with Mr Jennings for his facilitation of the evenings. The dedication and commitment of our staff, particularly Ms Lauren Cook, Mr Scott Chittenden and Ms Susanne Tozer for their organisation of the logistics of an event such as these evenings. Also to our staff facilitators – Messrs Diston, Dunstan, Howard, Lardner and Mesdames Fortington, McCarthy, Lewis, Shardlow, Taylor, Chazbek, Carlisle, Cornell and Uteda. I would also like to thanks Mrs Mary-Jo Cochrane for her tireless support of the Growing Good Men Project. We have a wonderful community at our School and are blessed with the support of so many.

Both the Father and Mother evenings were a great success. The real highlight was the sharing of special memories and the treasured items between participants.

Dr Steven Middleton
Head of Berwick Grammar School