Twixt the lips and the cup of tea.

If many wonder what happens twixt the lips and the cup of tea in English, the Year 10 French class, would, on the other hand, answer that twixt the lips and a hot chocolate and croissant, there’s a lot French conversation taking place.

This month as part of our French class, we decided to have breakfast in Berwick and as a hors d’oeuvre we had a French conversation class.  It was just a simple and enjoyable way to bring together what we have learnt this year and to speak the language of Moliere outside our classroom setting.

Language learning can take different twists and turns and this one was definitely a highlight in our Term 4 French study Programme.

The Year 10 students were given the opportunity to express their ideas in French while answering questions and engaging in a conversation. Though, the students found it daunting at first, they realised, after having had 2 sips of hot chocolate and a piece of croissant, that the words could come alive and suddenly make meaning.

And that’s when we could hear Trystin say: ’I know how to say this’

Ms Danielle Tranquille
French Teacher