VCE Biology Casey Tech Excursion

On Friday 8 February the Unit 1 Biology students headed to Casey Tech School for a workshop on cells.  The students worked their way through three different activities focused on cells.  They learned how to make a variety of specimens to view under the microscope using a variety of different stains.  This enabled the students to view and identify many organelles that are not easy to see in a high school setting.  The final workshop was looking at a cell and its organelles in a virtual world.  This 3D experience was probably one of the biggest highlights as it allowed students to take what they had seen under the microscope and then view it as if they were inside a cell in the body.

The girls and boys and worked seamlessly together, a common theme in the Science excursions.  All students were thoroughly enriched in their understanding of cells through the program.

Casey Tech School and St Margaret’s and Berwick Grammar Schools are working together throughout the year to enrich students STEM experience.  If you have a budding scientist at home we thoroughly recommend the Casey Tech Holiday Programs that can be booked through their website.

Ms Delanie Lewis
Head of House