VCE Docklands Fieldwork

Our VCE Unit 3 geographers explored Australia’s largest urban renewal project recently when they visited the Docklands region. Home to more than 10,000 residents and 53,000 workers, the Docklands has changed a great deal from an industrial wasteland only twenty years ago. Our students are exploring the reasons for these changes and their impacts on people and the natural environment. During the field trip we were fortunate to hear from Mr Ben Peach, the Docklands Development Manager who challenged us to judge the success of the urban renewal when it is finished, not while it is still in its building phase. A highlight of the day was a ‘flight’ in the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel which provided a fantastic overview of the Docklands region as well as its links to surrounding regions such as the Port of Melbourne, Fishermen’s Bend and the Central Business District.

Mr Mark Easton
Learning Leader – Humanities