Visit to Gene Technology Access Centre

On Thursday 2 November, our Unit 2 Biology students, and a small number of students intending to study Biology in Year 11, were treated to an excursion at the Gene Technology Access Centre (GTAC). The boys completed an examination into the nature and diversity of parasitic organisms, their impacts on human and animal health and how they can be controlled in the environment. The day was facilitated by eminent parisitologists, who shared their passion, enthusiasm, and provided insight into what is involved in working in the field.

They firstly attended a lecture, linking directly to the School Assessed Coursework for Unit 3 on Parasites. Following this, they learned about control measures for predators in the environment and used computer modelling to test different methods of the biological control of parasites. They also got the chance to identify some nasty looking organisms through microscopes.

This was a great opportunity to showcase science careers to our boys, who thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Special thanks to GTAC for running this fantastic event.