Walhalla experience

Year 8 Berwick Grammar School students had a fantastic time on camp in the Walhalla area. Students enjoyed many activities such as, bushwalking, camping, rafting and problem solving initiatives. The highlight for many boys was the tour of the Walhalla Long Tunnel Extended Gold Mine, where they learned about the history of the gold mining era. The boys spent a night at Thomson Station where many of them took the opportunity to sleep ‘under the stars’. Another highlight was rafting down the Thomson River to Coopers Creek.

To build upon the skills that the boys learned in Year 7, they were able to do some ‘off track’ hiking and navigate their way to the next destination. One of the most memorable experiences for the students was the opportunity to visit the town of Walhalla, where they engaged in a scavenger hunt for information on the town’s rich history (and the very famous lolly shop of course!).

Whilst the camp was physically challenging for the boys, it gave them the opportunity to build their resilience within themselves and make strong connections with both their peers, staff and the environment.

Ms Alice Carlisle
Year 8 Coordinator