We are the State Cycling Champion School

St Margaret’s and Berwick Grammar School had 32 riders competing in the State Finals of the Victorian School’s Cycling Championship across the disciplines of Road Cycling and Mountain Biking in late October.

On a challenging Mountain biking course, 12 riders competed in excellent conditions. We had some fantastic results, which are listed below:

  • Stella Delardes – JN13 – State Champion and overall Series Champion
  • Adele Handley – JR15 – 3rd in State Race and 3rd Overall Series
  • Susanna Bates – JN17 – 2nd in State Race and overall Series Champion
  • Phoebe Thompson – JR17 – State Champion and overall Series Champion
  • Nicole McClary – JN19 – State Champion and overall Series Champion (Nicole’s chain broke ¾ of the way into her last lap and she ran her bike across the line!)
  • Thomas Fenner – JN15 – DNF (puncture) joint overall Series Champion

James McCurdy, Alistair Holloway, Sam Thompson, Patrick Holloway, Lachlan McPhee and Lachlan Webb also rode well in their races.

The Road Cycling races were held around the Bendigo central business district and 20 students competed in this event.

Podium results are listed below:

  • JN13 – Olivia Ford – State Champion, 2nd Teleigha Hall, 3rd Stella Delardes
  • JN15 – 2nd Sam Horton, 3rd Adele Handley, 4th Caitlyn Lake
  • JN17 – Susana Bates – State Champion, 3rd Alisa Johnson
  • JN17 – 2nd Rylan Hall
  • JR17 – 2nd Phoebe Thompson
  • JR19 – Oliva Weston – State Champion

James McCurdy, Thomas Fenner, Millar Marks-Boulton, Clare McCurdy, River Dixon, Patrick Holloway, Justin Lake, Lachlan McPhee, Lachlan Webb also competed in the State Finals and rode extremely well in very fast racing conditions in each of their respective categories.

For the 6th consecutive year the Squad won the State Champion School’s trophy for both Mountain Biking and Road Cycling.

This is a sensational result for our students who have trained incredibly hard for this cycling series. I’d particularly like to recognise Nicole and Olivia, who have been tremendous members of the Squad since Year 7 and were able to complete their final cycling championships be winning their respective State Championship race.

Andrew Lardner
HPV and Cycling Coordinator