Welcome to BGS

Our new Year 7 students had a brilliant and busy beginning to the year – getting to know their peers in the House in their first few days of school, and also having time to bond with their Year Level on camp in Week 2.

Many different positive elements have stood out to the boys in this short space of time.

For Hunter and James, the friendliness and caring of the teachers has been a stand-out. He has been made to feel very welcome. Dominic has loved relating to the older boys in his House and thinks they have been incredibly welcoming too.

Sam T describes the community as the best part of the school too. Ashton describes us as like family.

For Jeremy and Jamie, it was the fun times on camp that really made their first few weeks of school, and helped them to get to know each other.

Jovan agrees that making new friends here at school has been a highlight.

Krish loved making new friends too – but not much is better than finally getting a locker. This is one of the things boys love in making the transition from Primary School – and Albert agrees it’s nice to be in charge of your own organisation.

In the classroom, Alexander T loves music the best and can’t believe how talented Mr Bennett is, whilst Tully prefers Art and Design with Mr Bell.

Seth thinks you can’t go past the Canteen.

Tallis sums it all up – just everything. It’s awesome.

Thanks boys and welcome to Berwick Grammar School.

Ms Lauren Cook
Head of Senior Boys Wellbeing