Welcome to Term 2

It was wonderful to welcome the children back to school last week and hear of their holiday adventures. I thought it timely, at the beginning of a new term, to remind parents about a few expectations and arrangements that we have at school.

Better late than never but never late is better!
Beginning the School day well cannot be underestimated. If you have ever been late to a meeting you would know how unsettled and tense you can feel upon arrival, and it can take at least 5 to 10 minutes to feel comfortable and ready to take information in. It is no different in the classroom for children if they are consistently late to school. A good and punctual start to the day is not only an important life skill to instil but it has a positive impact on learning, setting your child up for a productive day at school. Being consistently late has a negative impact on your child and their learning. If your child is late to school and the bell has gone, please sign your child in at Junior School Reception after you have dropped your child in to the classroom.

After school Pick up & After Care – A safe option for when you need it.
If you have not considered pre-enrolling your child into After School Care, can I please suggest you do so?

We have noted several occasions when some parents are running late to pick their children up from school and no other after school arrangements have been made. The teachers are unable to look after your children beyond 3.20pm. They have parent and/or staff meetings or appointments to attend after hours. Please ensure that you have people who can pick your child up when you are unable to, otherwise if you pre-enrol your child into Aftercare, you can call during the day and book your child in. For peace of mind, please phone the Customer Care Team on 1300 105 343 or click on the link: pp.campaustralia.com.au/account/login.

Each morning, playground supervision commences at 8am, so we ask that students do not arrive at school before this time, unless they have been enrolled into Before School Care. It is wonderful to see many community members congregate after school when the bell goes. However, we request that parents who wait around in the grounds, whilst their children play after school, closely supervise their children as well and ensuring they use equipment safely and sensibly, in line with our School rules. We remind you that when the final bell for the day rings at 3.20pm, we ask all families to vacate the school grounds. At 3.20pm we no longer provide supervision and the After School Care children use the playground facilities.

Thank you in anticipation of your support and please be in touch if you have any queries at all.

Ms Louise Sayar
Head of Junior School