When language comes alive beyond the textbooks and the classroom setting…

On Thursday 24 May, 45 students at Berwick Grammar took part in the Berthe Mouchette Competition.

Each year across the state, students are invited to participate in the competition where they have to recite a poem selected from the list set by the organising committee. This year, the theme was about travelling. Students were invited to capture the essence of voyage both in the literal and imaginary sense of the word.

The Berwick Grammar School students studied hard and prepared for the competition diligently and on the day, they presented their poem to the assessors from the Alliance Française.

When tradition and technology come together…once they completed the rendition of their poem, the students logged into their accounts and frantically raced against time to score as many points as possible in the Language World Championships.

Fletcher Kaintz has already won a Gold Award with 3 987 questions answered!

Quelle superbe journée, Messieurs! Vive le Français !

Ms Danielle Tranquille