When The Dust Settles…

In times of uncertainty we often go into ‘doing’ mode when the crisis hits. This is the process of protecting ourselves and our families, making things work.  This can mean that we aren’t thinking about the long term implications of what is coming.

In some ways, the immediate crisis has now passed. Restrictions are being lifted.  We may find ourselves flooded with intense emotions. How we feel can be very varied. It can include emotions of fear, sadness, loneliness, overwhelmed, anger, helplessness, and grief. Experiencing these emotions is very common, the challenge is to know what to do when feeling this way. Some things that may be helpful:

  • Taking time to think and breathe
  • Talk with someone about how you are feeling; this may be a friend, partner, family member or a professional
  • Be kind to yourself, give yourself permission to feel out of control
  • Getting fresh air, sunlight, eating well, getting enough sleep, doing some physical activity
  • Maintaining as much of a regular routine as possible
  • Do activities that make you feel good

Here are some resources you might find helpful…

https://www.grief.org.au/ACGB/Bereavement_Support/Grief_and_Bereavement_and_Coronavirus__COVID-19_/ACGB/ACGB_Publications/Resources_for_the_Bereaved/Grief_and_Bereavement_and_Coronavirus__COVID-19_.aspx?hkey=550af25b-9dba-41a5-8c26-01b5569b16dd  – (Fact sheets: Living in uncertain times, Supporting Children during the Coronavirus)



*image courtesy of The New Daily*