Women in STEM

The Women in STEM program at Casey Tech School on March 8, held in celebration of International Women’s Day was a truly inspiring and worthwhile experience, which encouraged us to consider a future career in STEM fields.

Dr Kate Charlton Robb, the founder of the Marine Mammal Foundation, presented a keynote speech on her experiences in relation to STEM, including the discovery of a new dolphin species that had not been identified in Port Phillip Bay and other opportunities she was given. This gave us an insight into numerous possibilities and skills that a career in STEM would provide us with.

The morning began with an opportunity to interact with students from other schools and STEM professionals. As the program progressed, we were separated to explore the various aspects of STEM, including virtual reality, robotics, design processes and exploring genetics through gel electrophoresis. These activities not only allowed us to engage with and learn new techniques, but to observe the prospective careers in STEM as well.

All in all, we were extremely privileged to be provided this opportunity, as it allowed us to experience first-hand the successes of the women in STEM and the ways in which we, – as the future generation of women – could promote it amongst our peers

Irene Danny
Year 10 student