Wool4School Competition

We are most proud to share that Sabrina Ward has won the National Design competition called Wool4School. This is an annual student design competition encouraging budding fashion designers. First launched in 2012, Wool4School has gone on to involve more than 40,000 students nationwide, teaching students the fundamentals of fashion design while exploring the benefits and versatility of wool and the fabric it creates.

Open to all Australian school students from years 7 to 12, the competition invites students to design an outfit based on a specific design brief that changes each year.
This year the brief involved designing an outfit for a musician to wear on stage, using a minimum 80% Australian Merino wool. The outfit had to contain a minimum of one piece with a maximum of four pieces, and in addition include a wool accessory.

Sabrina decided to design her garment for Taylor Swift. She was able to create an innovative garment based on the patterns of a peacock feather. She had to present a mood board, an annotated illustration and a creative statement. Her design was selected by a panel of judges who chose it because it was innovative, followed the design brief, was clearly annotated and demonstrated an understanding of the qualities of merino wool.

In recognition of her achievement Sabrina was presented with a trophy and a cheque for $500.00 from the Australian Wool Board.

Mrs Heather Landman
Art Learning Leader