Work Experience

“A joy to have in our work place”.

“Communication skills beyond his years”.

“Brilliant team work shown to work with others to meet specific goals”.

These comments have filled the employer feedback forms of our Year 10 students who completed their work experience last week!

Boys are to be congratulated as the feedback from our staff visiting workplaces indicate high student engagement and satisfied employers impressed with the enthusiasm and application shown by the boys.

Students networked widely to connect with and secure fabulous employers to spend their placements with. We had students working with politicians, engineers, scientists, journalists, educators, designers, computer analysts to name a few.

Work experience is a pivotal and valuable part of the Year 10 program. It enables students to continue to explore and research possible future study and career options. It helps students to identify careers they may be interested in, observe key employability skills that employers outline are essential and importantly experience the world of work and the expectations within it.

Mrs Jodie McCarthy
Careers Practitioner