Work Experience Reflections

Oliver (Aerospace – RMIT and Defence Force)  

Throughout the week, I got to experience and learn about composite materials and different testing methods for the failure of aerospace components, this was one of the most interesting things I have ever experienced.’

Damien (Ensign Laboratories)

‘I got to help out conducting various tests on several chemicals in order to determine whether or not they were manufactured correctly and that they are safe to use in commercial products.’

Ned (Air Traffic control – Melbourne Airport)

I observed planes and live air controlling, on top of that I got World class training on how to vector planes and do tower control. I also got to see the Aviation firefighters do simulator training, with live fire. It was very interesting to watch.

Shawn (Quinn Civil)

Throughout the week I helped in preparing the pit for when the boring machine arrived. Something I observed and did were relocating a water pipe, constructing steel reinforcement for concrete and simple tasks like shovelling dirt and filling sandbags.’