Year 1 Science Incursion

A sense of wonder and curiosity was evident when the Year 1 students attended a ‘Hands on Science’ incursion to learn more about the weather as part of their inquiry into the transdisciplinary theme of How the World Works.

During their session they became scientists and conducted several exciting experiments. The students inquired into the water cycle, how the earth rotates, hot and cold air pressure, winds, and the effects of rain. They were surprised to see the precipitation cycle in action and were able to create drinkable water from sea water.

Students explored how the earth’s rotation assists with air movement and wind pressure in conjunction with temperature by spinning a representation of the earth and placing marbles on it. By spinning it at varying speeds the students could see how air movement can be gentle or forceful. They were excited to test their theories regarding air temperature and assisted in making a plastic bag balloon rise and fall when varying the temperature of the air held within.

Students investigated the effects rain can have on the ground by constantly dropping water onto sugar cubes representative of the grounds surface. From eroding the surface to causing a flood, the students could see the devastation rain can cause.

The information gathered during this valuable session will assist them within their inquiry into how weather affects people’s lives and the environment.

Mrs Cara Maxworthy
Prep to Year 2 Coordinator