Year 10 Anglesea Camp

A great way to start the Senior Years of school is the Year 10 outdoor education experience in Anglesea. The aim of this camp is twofold; the camp links with the recreational focus in Year 10 Physical Education classes, as well providing an opportunity for the Year Level to come together and bond at the beginning of their senior years.

Girls had a great time in an amazing setting to try some of the recreational opportunities available in the water. They learned how to surf, stand up paddle board, surf kayak, and a big favourite for the groups was giant stand up paddle boarding.

A tradition on this camp is for all girls to participate in ‘beach flags’. As dusk fell on picturesque main beach, girls competed in their houses to find their two champions to compete in the final. The final three competitors were Tahlia Lane – Campbell, Tara Matheson – Cunningham and Jessica Day – Gipson, with Tahlia Lane victorious for Campbell.

Girls approached this opportunity with a keenness to try new experiences and new bonds were formed.

Mrs Jacqueline Atkins
Year 10 Coordinator