Year 10 First Impressions Workshop

We recently welcomed the team from HR Department who presented a workshop to the Year 10 students to equip them with strategies for their Mock Interviews that are being held at Federation University on Friday 23 November. Students discovered that 30 seconds is all it takes to make a first impression and that 55% of your message comes from your body language!

Students enjoyed a highlight of the session with surprise mock interviews ably performed by Mr Chittenden with an insanely inappropriate interview style and hideous personal presentation and Mr Bruton with a slick and impressive interview and presentation.

The workshop covered tips on body language, dressing to impress, how to harness nerves nous, and strategies on what to do when you don’t know how to answer a question asked of you. The students enjoyed the interactive nature of learning about how to present well in a group interview. Students had to work in teams, problem solve, communicate effectively and challenge themselves to achieve the objective set out to them at the start of the activity. The presenters then openly evaluated and gave feedback on what they observed during the challenge and tips for what they were looking for which will assist students when faced in the situation of a group interview in the future.

Students were reminded about the importance of having very high security settings on their social media and the need to have clean online presence. Employers do check by googling perspective employees and checking platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Jody McCarthy
Careers Practioner