Year 10 Mock Interviews and Tertiary Day

Congratulations to the Year 10 students of Berwick Grammar School who participated in the Mock Interview program held on 23 November at Federation University.  Students should feel very proud about how well they presented themselves. The boys shone with  confidence, enthusiasm and professionalism beyond their years. The community partners were super impressed with the quality of the students they interviewed.

For many students it was their first taste of facing the nervousness that comes with putting yourself on the line for something that is important for you. A great learning experience for all the students putting themselves forward into the world of work. It is an experience that will give them a real advantage as they move beyond school to further education and the workforce.

‘I really enjoyed the interview experience as it gave me an insight of what it will actually be like in the real world and how I should prepare for an interview.’ Michael

‘I found the interview to be an educational and fun experience. The most important piece of advice from my interviewer was when applying for a job that requires experience ensure I am able to give good examples’ Angus

‘I found the experience helpful as it showed me what to expect when walking into an interview. Advice on researching the company well before the interview was a key takeaway.’ – Tristyn