Year 10 Shaping Your Future – with Futurist Marcus Barber

Marcus Barber, international consultant and professional Futurist recently spoke with spoke with Senior Girls and Senior Boys in Year 10. Marcus is highly skilled in challenging students to really question what they think and provoke them to be active lifelong learners. Marcus shared his thoughts on the C.A.P.A.B.L.E steps for success and the importance of “not being a sausage”  and taking control of their future. He encouraged each student to set themselves a target for VCE, to take responsibility for their planning, actions and for the decisions that they make.   It was a great introduction into the VCE subject selection process which is underway!

“Marcus explained the benefits of having a set ATAR goal to work towards. It was also shown that once we start to travel down a career path it is never too late to swap into a new one if that is what we decide we enjoy. Overall, the talk was very inciteful and everyone was able to take something valuable away. “ Hugo

“ Mr. Barber was a very engaging and energetic speaker, and I thoroughly enjoyed his presentation. I found the suggestions he made regarding career paths and futures to be extremely helpful, and I’ve even started incorporating some of them already!” – Eisak

 *Special thanks to Mrs Dawes for organising this experience.