Year 11 Fit 2 Drive Presentation

On Wednesday 11 September all Berwick Grammar School Year 11 students were highly engaged in the VicRoads endorsed workshop Fit2Drive.

Discussions around  different driving scenarios and rating them high to low risk, identifying distractions for drivers, brainstorming safe ways to get home after a night out, role playing social driving situations, presentation from Victoria Police and case study from MFB evoked robust discussions with our boys.

By the conclusion of the day the boys came up with a community action plan that they presented to Dr Middleton – which included action they could take to create awareness on how to be safe on the roads and how we all need to work towards zero road toll. A posting on Facebook and this campus news article are both a part of their creating awareness plan!

Year 11 boys get talking!!

Mrs Jodie McCarthy
Careers Practitioner