Year 11 – Goal setting and developing Employability skills

Whilst at Cape Conran the Year 11 students participated in a career coaching and goal setting activity which involved them exploring their Life Motivators (core values), personal interests, ideal workstyles and ideal lifestyles.  Students set about imagining the possibilities for their futures and set themselves short term and longer term goals.

A high light of the camp was the spontaneous engineering construction of the Conran Crater, which highlighted many key employability skills being developed by our Class of 2019!

Whilst some might think this a stretch, there were so many examples of  active communication,  problem solving, team work, planning and organising, initiative, learning, use of technology (to capture the memory) and a number of examples of self-management to create the amazing end result.

Most of the year level were involved in one way or another either physically or through observation.  If the strength and determination of this cohort is anything to go by, we are in for a great year with this group of young men as leaders of Berwick Grammar School in 2019!