Year 11 Physics… Brian Cox and Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

The Year 11 Berwick Grammar School Physics class was whisked through space and time by one of the world’s pre-eminent physicists, Professor Brian Cox, in a science meets music special event. The students experienced a unique opportunity to explore the power of music in a colourful, engaging, narrative-based concert experience.

The young men witnessed a very special event that creatively bridged the gap between music and science. Covering the big questions of eternity, death, rebirth and existence, Professor Cox was on stage with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and brought these great questions to the fore using the science of cosmology and some of the greatest symphonic music ever written.

We heard about the vastness of space and our place within the landscape of time within the Universe. We witnessed awe-inspiring photography and computer modelling and heard about physics from such an eloquent physicist. Our experience was further enhanced by the opportunity to let our minds toss around the ideas to the sound of; Sibelius Allegro molto from Symphony No.5, Dean Violin Concerto A Brief History of Time (World Premiere and MSO Commission for Jack Liebeck) and Mahler Adagio from Symphony No.10.

Who knew physics could sound so beautiful!

Mrs Helen McDonald
Physics Educator and Director of Academic Growth