Year 12 Challenge – what is your professional purpose

Recently the Berwick Grammar students, class of 2019, had a Careers session that challenged them to consider what their professional purpose was going to be.  They were asked to stop and ponder what particular focus they have, what they are passionate about and what makes sense to them in as far as making a lasting impact on their community and the world in which they live. Do they have a commitment to the environment? A commitment to working with & helping others? Maybe they have a deep curiosity with math? Or are passionate about technology?

As a way of mapping out their future study and career aspirations it was suggested to students that they may like to connect with employees who work in the profession they are considering- ask questions about the employee education –where they studied and what their career pathway has been. Students were also encouraged to investigate predicted employment growth areas, to research widely including attending Open Days and other tertiary events like Melbourne Career Expo.

For our students it is this networking with professionals, talking with their parents, teachers, relatives, and  older students that will really assist them to develop a sense of what their professional purpose might be and support them to be well informed when making their decisions for what comes next…

Ms Jodie McCarthy
Careers Practitioner